Post Market Summary and Trades Update 21.03.2022

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Post Market Summary:

  1. Nifty declined over 200 points from day’s high to snap 2 day gaining streak.
  2. Nifty faces resistance at 100-DMA.
  3. Bank Nifty declined over 600 points from day high.
  4. Bank Nifty faced resistance at 200-DMA.
  5. Nifty Infra declined over 1.5% to snap 2 day gaining streak, testing support at 200-DMA.
  6. Rupee ends at 76.12/$ against Thursday’s close of 75.80/$
  7. Factors pulling the market down today:
    1. Russia-Ukraine War
    2. Global weak cues
    3. High Crude Oil prices
    4. Sectoral selling and buying
  8. Nifty Metal rises over 6% in last 3 days.

Trades Update 21.03.2022

Today I have taken 3 trades in Intraday:

Trade 1:

Sold NIFTY 24th MARCH 17300 CE for Rs. 164.45 at 09:55 AM.

I bought the above 17300 CE for Rs. 136.20 at 12:35 Pm

I made a profit of Rs. 1412

Trade 2:

Sold BANKNIFTY 24th MARCH 36500 CE for Rs. 406 at 11:30 AM.

I bought the above 36500 CE for Rs. 362.80 at 11:45 Pm

I made a profit of Rs. 1080

Trade 3:

Sold BANKNIFTY 24th MARCH 36000 PE for Rs. 453 at 02:18 PM.

I bought the above 36000 PE for Rs. 460 at 03:25 Pm

I made a loss of Rs. 172.50

Today Total Profit/Loss:

At the end of today trades, the total profit is Rs. 2320/-

Other Trades Running (LongTerm):

Trade 1:

I have Sold NIFTY DEC 2022 17500 CE for Rs. 1050 and NIFTY DEC 2022 17500 PE for RS. 1295

It is a straddle.

I have taken this straddle 10-15 days ago.

Today due to increase in INDIAVIX it is showing some MTM loss.

Yesterday it was showing profit of Rs 3200

I don’t track this trade daily. I have taken this for long term view.

I am confident about this trade that it will give some good profits in next 1-2 months.

But still I have the right to be wrong and if my trade fails then I will be doing some adjustments.

Trade 2:

I have Bought NIFTY MARCH 2022 18000 CE for Rs. 180.60 (1 Lot) and Sold NIFTY MARCH 2022 18500 CE for RS. 75.90 (2 Lots).

I have taken this trade approx. 20 days ago.

At that time my view was Nifty will cross 18000 in March.

But Russia-Ukraine War ruined my view.

Currently it is showing loss Of Rs. 400-450.

The downside Maximum risk for this trade is Approx Rs. 1400

But I will not be giving these 1400 to the market.

I will adjust by selling some call option at last week expiry.

Hope you enjoyed the artilce.

Disclaimer: This article and trades shared here are for educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice or a recommendation of any kind. I am not advising any trading or investment ideas.
Therefore, I, don't bear any responsibility for any trading losses you might incur as a result of using this learning/data/indicators/charting platform. One is free to choose whether or not to follow the learnings, and create a position in the market at his/her own risk. 
Index market trading involves considerable risk and can result from the loss of your invested capital.
Always consult a Sebi Registered financial advisor and do your research before trading or investing in any market!

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