Post Market Summary and Trades Update 22.03.2022

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Post Market Summary:

  1. Markets close at their highest point of the day, with crude down more than 3% from the day’s high after Ukraine announced its refusal to join NATO.
  2. The Sensex is up 697 points to 57,989, while the Nifty is up 198 points to 17,316.
  3. The Nifty recovers 320 points from its low of the day.
  4. The Nifty Index took support near the 200-day SMA or 17,000.
  5. The Nifty Bank index rose 330 points to 36,349, while the midcap index rose 81 points to 28,977.
  6. The Nifty Bank recovers 1000 points from its low of the day.
  7. There was a massive short covering today.
  8. More than 80% of the Nifty’s constituents ended the day in the green.
  9. Tech Mahindra, BPCL, Tata Motors, gained the most for the day, up approx 3%
  10. Since the morning, Reliance has been outperforming.
  11. The top sectoral index was Nifty IT, which was followed by Nifty Oil & Gas, Energy, Auto, and Infra.
  12. FII bought for Rs. 384.48 crore today, while DII sold for Rs. 602.05 crore.
  13. DII has been supporting the market from the lows, thus they are taking some profits.
  14. Factors pulling the market down in Morning today:
    1. Petrol Prices Hike
    2. Yesterday FII Selling of 2962 crores
  15. Factors pulling the market Up in afternoon today:
    1. Ukraine announced its refusal to join NATO.
    2. Crude prices down
    3. Huge Short Covering

Trades Update 22.03.2022

I haven’t taken any intraday or new trades today.

I was not in front of the screen and instead spent time with friends celebrating Rang Panchami (Holi).

However, my setup gave a bearish view for BANKNIFTY in the morning 9:20 a.m. and a bullish perspective for both NIFTY and BANKNIFTY at 12:40 p.m.

Now I regret missing out on the opportunity, but the joy I had today was priceless.

My Old Positional Trades(Update):

Trade 1:

I sold the NIFTY DEC 2022 17500 CE for Rs. 1050 and the NIFTY DEC 2022 17500 PE for Rs. 1295.

This straddle was taken about 15-20 days ago.

Date: 22-03-2022 (P/L)

Today, it has an MTM loss of Rs. 2300.

I don’t keep track of this trade on a daily basis. This is a long-term investment for me.

This trade, I am convinced, will yield some good returns in the following 1-2 months.

Trade 2:

I Purchased NIFTY MARCH 2022 18000 CE for Rs. 180.60 (1 Lot) and Sold NIFTY MARCH 2022 18500 CE for RS. 75.90 (2 Lots).

This trade was made around 20 days ago.

My prediction at the time was that the Nifty will cross 18000 in March.

My perspective was destroyed by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

By the way, the trade’s maximum risk on the downside was approximately Rs. 1400.

However, I EXITED these positions today for Rs. 87 profit.

In reality, I have charged and taxed more than I have profited.

Take a look at the images below.

Position Exited 22-03-2022

There is only one positional trade left now.

Hope you enjoyed the article.

Disclaimer: This article and trades shared here are for educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice or a recommendation of any kind. I am not advising any trading or investment ideas.
Therefore, I, don't bear any responsibility for any trading losses you might incur as a result of using this learning/data/indicators/charting platform. One is free to choose whether or not to follow the learnings, and create a position in the market at his/her own risk. 
Index market trading involves considerable risk and can result from the loss of your invested capital.
Always consult a Sebi Registered financial advisor and do your research before trading or investing in any market!
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