Post Market Summary and Trades Update 06.05.2022

Post Market Summary:

  1. The Indian stock market, like its worldwide counterparts, closes with significant losses amid turbulence.
  2. The Sensex and the Nifty both fell over 1% to close at two-month lows.
  3. This week, BSE companies lost more than 11 lakh crore in market capitalization.
  4. The market is down for the fourth week in a row, with major indices down 4% each.
  5. The Sensex and Nifty have had their worst weekly losses in 2022. (highest since Nov 2021)
  6. Except for the CPSE, all sectoral indicators are down this week.
  7. Real estate, media, and automobiles have all down 5% this week.
  8. Rupee ends weak at 76.92/$ against previous close of 76.26/$.
  9. Rupee closes at its lowest level since March 7.
  10. Nifty Smallcap posts lowest weekly close since June 2021.
  11. FII sold for Rs. 5517.08 crore today and DII bought for Rs. 3014.85 crore.

Trades Update 06.05.2022

I sold a BANKNIFTY 12th MAY 34500 straddle today.

I also bought the CE and PE at my straddle’s breakeven points.

Because there is a lot of volatility around the world, hedged holdings are always a good idea.

I also performed one naked intraday trade.

DATE: 06-05-2022

Positional Trades Update 06-05-2022

Trade 1:


SOLD  BANKNIFTY 12th MAY 34500 CE = 505.00

SOLD BANKNIFTY 12th MAY 34500 PE = 471.43

BUY BANKNIFTY 12th MAY 35400 CE = 154.00

BUY BANKNIFTY 12th MAY 33600 PE = 182.28

Date: 06-05-2022

Today, it has an MTM profit of Rs. 2,159

Trade 2:

SOLD BANKNIFTY 12th MAY 34600 PE = 485.11 at 12:11 Am.

Later I bought the same at 471.85 at 01:27 Pm.

At 12:10 a.m., my setup gave a bullish signal, so I sold 34600 PE.

I saw a profit of Rs. 1000 after only a few minutes of trading.

Later, the market declines, and the MTM loss reaches Rs. 3000, but the system does not turn bearish.

So the system worked well and again it came into profit, but I booked early.

No regret for booking early. A day will come when the fear will be out.

Date: 06-05-2022

I booked profit of Rs. 329

Positional Trades Total MTM Profit/Loss (06-05-2022):

DATE: 06-05-2022

So I booked profit of Rs. 329 today, and have 1 open position (straddle) with an MTM profit of Rs. 2,159.

Hope you enjoyed the artilce.

Disclaimer: This article and trades shared here are for educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice or a recommendation of any kind. I am not advising any trading or investment ideas.
Therefore, I, don't bear any responsibility for any trading losses you might incur as a result of using this learning/data/indicators/charting platform. One is free to choose whether or not to follow the learnings, and create a position in the market at his/her own risk. 
Index market trading involves considerable risk and can result from the loss of your invested capital.
Always consult a Sebi Registered financial advisor and do your research before trading or investing in any market!
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