Post Market Summary and Trades Update 19.04.2022

Post Market Summary:

  1. Today was a day of panic selling.
  2. In news I saw, the escalation of the fighting on the front lines caused the markets to sharply correct.
  3. However, if this is the case, the European market may have fallen as well.
  4. Today’s selling is probably due to massive insituition Fii basket selling.
  5. Fii has been selling for the eighth day in a row.
  6. Fii has sold over 5000 crores for the second day in a row.
  7. The market drops sharply in the last hour, closing near the day’s low.
  8. For the first time in a month, the Nifty closes below 17,000 points.
  9. After a trading range of 1,500 points, the Sensex closed 704 points lower at 56,463.
  10. The Midcap Index is down 2% from its highs, while the Sensex, Nifty, and Nifty Bank are all down over 1%.
  11. The advance-decline ratio is 2:5 in favour of the decline.
  12. Rupee finishes weak at 76.51/$, down from 76.26/$ on Monday.
  13. FII sold for Rs. 5871.69 crore today and DII bought for Rs. 3980.81 crore.

Trades Update 19.04.2022

Today, I exited an Arpil expiry straddle in the last few minutes due to a large drop in the last hour, taking a profit of Rs. 1400.

In addition, I did adjusmant in 38000 May straddle.

Until 2:30 p.m., the Mtm profit was around Rs. 16000, and it is now showing a Mtm loss of Rs 5,386.

However, because the average index closing prices are somewhat higher, I expect the Mtm loss to be adjusted in profit in the morning.

I was also concerned about tomorrow, so I purchased weekly 34500 Put options 2 lot, which will protect me if there is a significant gap down.

Date: 19-04-2022

Trade 1:

Sold BANKNIFTY MAY 38000 STRADDLE on 13-04-2022.

SOLD BANKNIFTY MAY 38000 CE = 1160.00

SOLD BANKNIFTY MAY 38000 PE = 1150.00

Date: 19-04-2022

I was concerned that the market would open gap down tomorrow, and the straddle would open below the breakeven point. So, in that case, I’ll be losing a lot of money.

As a result, I made adjustments in this trade.

After creating this straddle in 2-4 days, the BankNifty drops 2000 points.

There is always a panic when we create a straddle and the market moves significantly on either side.

Long-term options straddles, on the other hand, have a high breakeven point and plenty of room for adjustment.

Now I’m some relaxed, and this straddle should be in profit in a few days.

Let us see how it goes.

If I find a clear direction, I’ll make some more weekly adjustments tomorrow.

Today it has an MTM loss of Rs. 6,403.

Trade 2:


SOLD BANKNIFTY MAY 37000 CE = 1230.00

SOLD BANKNIFTY MAY 37000 PE = 1050.00

Date: 19-04-2022

Today, it has an MTM loss of Rs. 435

Trade 3:




Date: 19-04-2022

I exited this trade today and booked profit.

Profit is Rs. 1374

Positional Trades Total MTM Profit/Loss (19-04-2022):

DATE: 19-04-2022

Two positional trades are currently active, with an MTM loss of Rs. 5,386.

Hope you enjoyed the artilce.

Disclaimer: This article and trades shared here are for educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice or a recommendation of any kind. I am not advising any trading or investment ideas.
Therefore, I, don't bear any responsibility for any trading losses you might incur as a result of using this learning/data/indicators/charting platform. One is free to choose whether or not to follow the learnings, and create a position in the market at his/her own risk. 
Index market trading involves considerable risk and can result from the loss of your invested capital.
Always consult a Sebi Registered financial advisor and do your research before trading or investing in any market!
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