Post Market Summary and Trades Update 22.04.2022

Post Market Summary:

  1. The market closes near the day’s low, with financials being a major drag.
  2. The Nifty is down 221 points at 17,172.
  3. The Sensex fell 714 points to 57,197.
  4. The Nifty Bank index falls 771 points to 36,044.
  5. The Nifty Midcap Index fell 287 points to 30,315 at the close.
  6. 42 of the 50 Nifty stocks finish in the red, with an advanced-decline ratio of 1:2.
  7. The market has had a volatile week of trading, with three days of losses and two days of gains.
  8. The Nifty closes the week with a loss of nearly 2%.
  9. This week, the Bank Nifty is down nearly 4%, the IT sector is down 5.5 percent, and the auto sector is up significantly.
  10. FII sold for Rs. 2461.72crore today and DII bought for Rs. 1602.35 crore.

Trades Update 22.04.2022

In the morning, I bought 35000 PE and 37600 CE expiring on May 5th.

This was purchased to hedge a 36300 5th May expiry straddle.

Taking hedged positions is always a good way to protect yourself from a black swan event.

I believe that in order to make consistent profits in the market, one must have an edge and hedge.

Date: 22-04-2022

Trade 1:

Sold BANKNIFTY MAY 37000 STRADDLE on 18-04-2022.

SOLD BANKNIFTY MAY 37000 CE = 1230.00

SOLD BANKNIFTY MAY 37000 PE = 1050.00

Date: 22-04-2022

Today, it has an MTM profit of Rs. 7,541

Trade 2:

Sold BANKNIFTY 5th May 36300 STRADDLE on 20-04-2022.

SOLD BANKNIFTY 5th May 36300 CE = 781.00

SOLD BANKNIFTY 5th May 36300 PE = 600.00

Date: 22-04-2022

Today, I purchased 35000 PE and 37600 CE expiring on May 5th to hedge a 36300 straddle.

BUY BANKNIFTY 5th MAY 37600 CE = 180.35

BUY BANKNIFTY 5th MAY 35000 PE = 165.00

My risk is now defined by purchasing CE and PE at breakeven points.

Markets on both sides are extremely volatile, so having a hedged position in these markets is essential.

Hedged positions are also beneficial to one’s mental health.

Today, it has an MTM profit of Rs. 4,218

Positional Trades Total MTM Profit/Loss (22-04-2022):

DATE: 22-04-2022

Two positional trades are currently active with MTM profit of Rs. 11,760.

Hope you enjoyed the artilce.

Disclaimer: This article and trades shared here are for educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice or a recommendation of any kind. I am not advising any trading or investment ideas.
Therefore, I, don't bear any responsibility for any trading losses you might incur as a result of using this learning/data/indicators/charting platform. One is free to choose whether or not to follow the learnings, and create a position in the market at his/her own risk. 
Index market trading involves considerable risk and can result from the loss of your invested capital.
Always consult a Sebi Registered financial advisor and do your research before trading or investing in any market!
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